Your choice for building high-resolution video surveillance storage
powered by High-Performance ERA Engine
Thousands of cameras and dozens of TB, with no frame losses and reliable access in a single system?
With RAIDIX 5.X software RAID, no problem.
RAIDIX-based storage works as a single system for live and archive databases that accepts all streaming data from the recording servers. Unlike traditional direct storage, this approach doesn't interrupt access to the data archive in case of video recorder failure.

It also gives you expanded scaling opportunities since limited recorder resources are no longer restrain additional JBOD connection.
Deploy Cost-Effective Storage For Video Surveillance
Innovative RAID technologies by RAIDIX expand storage opportunities for large surveillance projects.

Yes, you can spend less money on the hardware components (drives, servers and commutations), while retaining the same archive volume with the availability and reliability rates as they used to be.
Data Retention Period
2118TB / 1284.78MBps
396 drives
388 drives
Network Storage RAIDIX
Network Storage Vendor X
Direct Storage
Volume / Stream Rate
30 days
136 drives
6352TB / 1284.78MBps
1020 drives
448 drives
(3x storage system)
90 days
408 drives
(1x storage system)
Archive Database for 1000 Full HD Cameras
As you build a truly efficient infrastructure, one thing leads to another.
Here are the other benefits you will enjoy
When faced a drive or hardware failures, RAIDIX-based storage delivers high bandwidth needed for zero frame loss in the peak load. Even in this case, you'll still have enough reserved performance to be sure in your infrastructure resiliency.
Steady Performance — Even if a Drive Fails
RAIDIX-based storages makes archive scaling easy and trouble-free and increases data retention periods. Innovative RAID technologies give you lower redundancy of the drives and hardware platform according to your archive volume growth.
Reduced Storage Overhead with the Archive Volume Growth
RAIDIX presents a hardware-agnostic storage solution, with no vendor lock-ins or any other requirements for the components.
Also, as RAIDIX gets regular updates once in a while, you will get access to the most actual version.
Our tech support will team will make sure that your updates work smoothly.
Easy scalability and upgrades
As the logistics and the politics have been
turbulent recently, you will enjoy your SDS,
being less hardware-dependent than ever before.
Gaining independence from hardware supplies
RAIDIX storage performance is very enough for smooth and responsive work of advanced analytical software. It delivers you all benefits of the top notch VMS products with face recognition and motion detection features.
Implementation of Advanced Analytical Software
Some Q&A
How do I start working with RAIDIX 5.X?
Once you've purchased the product license, we'll send you a link for downloading the program. You will be able to install it in a few minutes. Then you are ready to reap all the benefits.
Will it take any additional investments?
No. The software will just fit in your existing infrastructure.
What OS and servers is RAIDIX 5.X compatible with?
RAIDIX 5.X is compatible with all major Linux distributions and all x86 servers.
Contact us and learn more about the pricing policy, tech specs, and the value RAIDIX 5.X can bring to your business.
Got more questions?