Meet the software RAID meant to slash the costs of supercomputing
With hyper-efficient RAIDIX ERA you will be able to double your HPC storage performance and enhance your overall computing productivity
Science and healthcare
Academic research
Industry and finance
Oil and gas
Make the most of the NVMe technology
The traditional controller-based data storage solutions make the drives underperform by 40-50%, which leaves no room for using cost-effective RAID 5 or RAID 6 altogether.
Without RAIDIX ERA, RAID 5 and RAID 6-configured systems lose half of their possible performance:

With RAIDIX ERA, the issue is no more.

Created with a special regard to the NVMe protocol, RAIDIX ERA eliminates the bottleneck caused by 'traditional' RAID controllers and delivers up to 2 times better performance.

With additional performance brought by RAIDIX ERA, there is no need to spend more on drives to keep the performance at the necessary level, whether the primary indicator is bandwidth or IOps.

As you build a truly efficient infrastructure, one thing leads to another.
Here are the other benefits you will enjoy
RAIDIX ERA presents a hardware-agnostic storage solution, with no vendor lock-ins or any other requirements for the components.
Also, as RAIDIX ERA gets regular updates once in a while, you will get access to the most actual version.
Our tech support will team will make sure that your updates work smoothly.
Easy scalability and upgrades
As the logistics and the politics have been
turbulent recently, you will enjoy your SDS, being less hardware-dependent than ever before.
Gaining independence from hardware supplies
RAIDIX ERA utilizes less than CPU's 20%, making investments in top-end processors even more profitable.
Economical approach to hardware resources
Take advantage of the most recent data available and achieve your business goals with the help of performance-oriented software RAID.
Close-to-zero latency and access to real-time processing
As Lustre remains the file system of choice for the majority of HPC clusters, we have created the parallel computing-oriented software that proved to be effective in the distributed FS
High Efficiency with Lustre FS

Simply Put:

Watch the Video about how RAIDIX ERA makes difference in SSD/NVMe infrastructures
Some Q&A
How do I start working with RAIDIX ERA?
Once you've purchased the product license, we'll send you a link for downloading the program.
You will be able to install it in a few minutes. Then you are ready to reap all the benefits.
Will it take any additional investments?
No. The software will just fit in your existing infrastructure.
Can I try RAIDIX ERA for Free?
Yes. We offer a trial version for up to 8 drives.
What OS and servers is RAIDIX ERA compatible with?
RAIDIX ERA is compatible with all major Linux distributions and all x86 servers.
Learn more how RAIDIX storage can improve your video surveillance infrastructures.
Got more questions?